Welcome to Fantasy Name Generators

I offer various different name generators ranging from elf and troll names to Japanese and Chinese names.
I hope to expand and offer you all the possible names you could possibly need, but I could always use your help.
Simply suggest a type of name or submit a name or two to help expand the lists of tens of thousands of names. You can do so through the contact page.

To start, simply use the menu above or the list below to find the type of name you'd like. Then, on the next page, click the button to generate 10 random names. Don't like the names? Simply click again to get 10 new random names.

The generators can literally generate millions of combinations, so you're bound to find one you like.

I add new names and combinations fairly often, but due to the huge amount of available combinations, you may not notice I've added them.
However, make sure to check back for new generators, as I'm often working on one.

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Third year anniversary

I'm about a week too late with announcing this (I blame my surgery and jet lag :P), but this site is now 3 year's old. Hooray! Never thought it would reach this point when I started, but now I'm going for far more than 1 more year.
Anyway, I want to thank everybody for being part of this, no matter how small your part may seem. I never could've made it without you all.
I've got a whole lot in store for year 4, I'm keeping it secret for now, but big things are coming. :)
- Emily

Important: July 19 - August 13 Surgery and recovery

So I will be undergoing a surgery. It's fairly big, but nothing life threatening or disease related, so don't worry. But the surgery and the annoying recovery afterwards will mean I will have less time to spend on this site and my comic. Now I did prepare in advance, I have enough generators and comic pages ready to keep the normal schedule going, but since the hospital internet will be terrible and since I might not always be in a state in which I'm either capable or willing to edit a site there will likely be some delays.
This also means replying to your messages will come with delays. If I at any point come across as a little crass or otherwise unfriendly in my messages, please forgive me and know it's because I'm both terrified and incredibly nervous for my surgery. I know my fears are mostly irrational, but they're still there so I'll have to deal with them.
My actual surgery date is on July 22, on July 19 I fly to the hospital as it's in a different country, which may sound insane but note that I currently live in a tiny country, so you're literally in a different country in about an hour. But I also want the best surgeon I can get since it's quite a specialized task, hence the flight choice. Anyway, enough nervous rambling from me. If everything goes fine you'll likely won't notice any delays.
- Emily

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